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AMA Clinic franchise opportunities

For medical, cosmetic, hair & beauty clinics and salons.

Grow your business with AMA Clinic

What we can offer you

With our help you can replicate our success in your own clinic! Following our proven treatment protocols is far more likely to generate you a successful business than if you try to go it alone. You’ll still be your own boss, and be able to benefit from all the financial rewards that being self-employed entails. You’ll have the freedom to develop your own core business, but we’ll be there to help you deliver our franchised treatment programs. We offer a range of packages to suit your budget, with different levels of equipment and market support.

Why choose AMA Clinic?

Our offering includes an extensive package of marketing support and technical training.Within a relatively short time you will be able to learn the fundamentals of running a successful treatment program, and you will be backed up by an ongoing programme of professional and marketing support.

If you want to build a business of real value providing you with a steady, long term income  – then an AMA Clinic franchise could be the ideal choice. Contact us for more information.

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Franchise model

AMA Clinic has been established for over 5 years and has been successfully delivering medical and aesthetic treatments. Our franchise model offers a professional medically supervised treatment  program.

We  work with commercial ventures such as medical, aesthetic, beauty and hair clinics and salons.

The philosophy of the business is to provide high quality scientifically researched treatments to enhance your clients health, looks, well being and self-confidence that you can be proud of.

We find that taking a little extra time and care with our clients results in happier customers who stay with us for longer. This results in a considerably higher profit per client than some other franchises– which means a more profitable business for you.

AMA Clinic’s franchise packages come in a variety of types to suit your needs and budget. Essentially, as a minimum you will be required to provide a base, drive client throughput, and some basic measurements such as height weight and blood pressure – we can do the rest.

Depending on which package your choose, this is what you can get in an AMA Clinic franchise:

1. Detailed Treatment Protocols

We will provide you with all the necessary information that we use to medically assess our clients, so that you have the necessary information to hand when dealing with clients enquiries.

2. Launch Marketing

We will run a launch marketing campaign to get your business off to the best possible start. We guarantee that you will get customers with this campaign – and in the highly unlikely event that this doesn’t happen, we’ll continue the launch campaign until you do!

The campaign will include:

  • An advert in your local paper announcing your arrival.
  • Supply of leaflets for you to distribute.

3. Initial training in relation to the franchise package

Your training starts with teaching you the theory, evidence and practical procedures of the treatment package, assessment of your client’s suitability for the treatment, and how to manage your client’s treatment. We will also agree to define your role and responsibilities depending on how much you want to provide yourself. We will also walk you through the assessment  and specialist medical treatment that we will provide as part of the treatment program.

4. A full range of high quality equipment, including:

  • Medical assessment tools
  • Products
  • Videoconferencing tools
  • Forms and stationary

5. Ongoing Technical and Sales & Marketing support

Even though your training and the materials will give you everything you need to succeed in this exciting business, you’ll still need the support of the AMA Clinic Head Office. Here’s the support structure you get from Head Office when you come on board as a AMA Clinic Franchisee:

  • Continual development and updating of AMA Clinic services and offerings
  • Availability of technical information
  • Participation in annual meetings and seminars
  • Support and development of sales and marketing strategies
  • Ongoing help with materials and equipment, and provision of specialist prescription only medications for your clients

Current opportunities

Medically supervised very low calorie diet weight management

Low Level Laser Therapy Assisted Medical Hair restoration program

For further information and to discuss our franchise packages in more detail, please contact us.