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Injectable treatments

Softening lines and wrinkles

As we grow older our bodies produce less of the natural substances that keep our skin firm and well hydrated. In addition, years of exposure to the sun, pollution and the stress of modern living affects our appearance. This explains why facial lines and wrinkles appear.

The good news is that thanks to the latest cosmetic treatments and products it’s possible to remove imperfections and replace them with more youthful looking skin.

Anti-wrinkle injections and fillers are popular treatments used for softening wrinkles and lines caused by ageing or sun exposure. They are injected to create natural volume and popular areas for treatment include mouth, chin and cheeks.

They are also used to give fuller lips. Fillers leave your skin hydrated and youthful.


100% natural treatment

ENDERMOLIFT is a 100% natural treatment for face and neck wrinkles, lines and sagging skin, tightening and brightening the face and neck.

* ENDERMOLIFT is the only technique in the world capable of stimulating the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid (+80%).

This technique is backed up by scientific studies involving facial biopsies performed on 20 subjects by the Dermatology Department at the University Hospital of Besancon, France under the supervision of Prof. Humbert, 2013.

Botox and fillers

For lines, wrinkles and facial volumisation

Facial volumisation

Facial recontouring involves volumising and correcting facial contours. The ageing face typically loses fat and the thickness of the skin is reduced. This leads to facial features becoming ‘saggy’ creating jowls and folds and the face changing shape.

A youthful appearance is plump and full with very little separation of the facial features. By restoring volume and correcting imperfections in the facial contours we can achieve rejuvenation, lift and volume without the intervention of surgery.

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Botulinum toxin is a naturally occurring protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.

There are currently two different types of botulinum toxin commercially available in the United Kingdom: Type A toxin: Botox (Vistabel), Dysport (Azzalure) and Xeomin (Bocouture) and Type B toxin: Neurobloc.

Botulinum toxin can be used to treat all wrinkles which are the result of normal facial movement. When it is injected into a specific muscle in the face it blocks the signal from the nerve to the muscle. This means that the nerve ending cannot tell the muscle to move, hence there will be less wrinkling of the skin in the areas treated.

The upper third of the face is where the best treatment results are obtained, commonly for the reduction in crow’s feet around the eyes and wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows.

Depending on the area treated, dose used, and how you respond, repeat treatments will be required around every 3 – 6 months.

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Dermal fillers are made of various kinds of natural and man-made or synthetic materials that have been developed over the years for injection into the skin.

They help to restore our skin to its former youthful appearance, as the material is injected into areas where it needs to be plumped up again and made to look firmer.

Dermal fillers come in different thicknesses, and in general, the thicker the product, the deeper it is injected into the dermal layer of the skin to help plump out fine to deep lines and wrinkles, such as naso-labial folds (nose to mouth lines), fill scars, contour the cheeks and chin or augment lips.

Dermal fillers tend to be broadly classified as being either non-permanent (resorbable) or permanent (non-resorbable) in their effect. In the 1980s Collagen was the first dermal filler approved in the US. However, the leading dermal fillers used by most UK practitioners are hyaluronic acid based products. Other non-permanent fillers to be developed include ones using polylactic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite.

Permanent fillers are not widely used but can give a longer lasting effect, or even a permanent effect, and may be recommended in some cases.

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